With our dedicated team of athletes* we pushed harder than ever and created an epic journey of conquering the elements.

Aca Radojičić

Now with Nike Weatherized, outdoor conditions don’t dictate when will I go out and run. Now I’m the one who decides.

Ivana Španović

During the cold winter months, running feels like the hardest part of my routine. But when that happens, I fight against all those excuses, against pain and weather conditions.

Una Krlić

Often I need to get out of my confined space. Get out there on the street, take a deep breath and just start running. Thanks to Nike Weatherized, rain, wind and fog are not an obstacle anymore.

Luka Cvetićanin

I’m never the one who would miss the chance to upgrade my speed. I want to run faster, longer and stay more focused. With Nike Weatherized, equipment designed to withhold even the harshest weather conditions, bad weather isn’t a good enough reason anymore, for not running.


We created a range of services in order to keep our runners on track & help them get out there.

Custom weather report for our runners, in order to keep track of the outdoor conditions and keep warm and dry during the winter season.

Expert runner advice from our head coach. We supplied our athletes* with invaluable advice and pro tips & tricks on how to stay in focus and maintain regular training and nutritional habits.

All the necessary information regarding our state-of-the-art RNG equipment, with all the benefits that are crucial in combating harsh, cold and wet weather every day.

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